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  3. Lawmakers move to block black box recorders in cars, DVR snooping
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A DriveCam executive defended surveillance tech in cars when asked if spying on teenager drivers was an invasion of privacy or a parent's right.

Nowadays insurance companies pimp in-vehicle video cameras to record driver behavior. Jalopnik said people will choose to be spied upon by electronic nanny cams and thereby trade their privacy for cheaper car insurance rates. If you have no issue with it, you never know, you might become the next viral video hit such as this dad and the kids singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the car on the way to school.

Vehicle Black Box Video Recorder Top View

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Event data recorder - Wikipedia

Blackbox Main Body. VGA 5fps : 8GB, about 32 hours of constant video saving and over event recording both work at the same time. No need to download or purchase the CD basic program is included. All-in-one camera, data storage, GPS, and G-sensor is built-in, semi-permanent use is possible. Save the last recording, in spite the power supply is removed in the accident. Automatically save perceived a series of impact, such as first impact, second impact, and third impact in the maintenance of power.

Saving video from min. Automatically rotate the video to the right way, in spite it is put reversely. Emergency button for an urgent recording or witnessing an accident.

Lawmakers move to block black box recorders in cars, DVR snooping

Customer Support Download. The high definition ultra clear images can be used to identify vehicle number plates and can be used as evidence in legal proceedings and insurance claims to determine accident blame or liability. Each event video file is triggered through the detection of shock jolting, sudden braking or acceleration, and sharp swerving of the vehicle.

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You can easily control recording by one simple clicking when you driving or stay on the load with vehicle ignition is on. If you have some dangerous moment in emergency situation, you can use this Manual Recording function to save evidence as video recorded file. DASFHD have internal microphone and provide voice recording while above four kinds of recording mode and this voice recording function supported realism record with sound inside of the vehicle. This sound information could be valuable reference data to figure out of the accident situation sometime.

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Of course, you can turn it ON back again by pressing button around 2 seconds. Also, you able to download recorded files onto your smartphone very easily through OTOSAVER app to preparing your legal actions when you have car accident. DASFHD is continuously operating while driving, even vehicle is parking with ignition is turned off for parking surveillance recording mode after installed in the first.